Who we are

Who We Are

B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprise is an Information Technology provider specialised in various aspects of Technology. B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprise was founded by young individuals with years of experience in different aspects of Technology. We are committed to provide comprehensive solutions and services to businesses as well as strategic consulting services to enterprise businesses.

We are a group of engineers, software and hardware, who dedicate their lives to satisfy and help customers reach their full potential. Over the years, we have established ourselves to be one of the best IT companies in Cyprus. Recently, we have expanded our business to the internet and have managed to gain trust of worldwide customers.


Companies founders and CEO been working for many years into one of biggest IT establishments in Cyprus. Over the years, have recruited the most talented people and that's when BSE was created, in 2014.


Our main asset, 


Easily manage massive database in a blink, Geo-reduntant replication so data are always available when needed and near-zero maintenance is needed.