Who we are

How We Work

Through our consulting approach we identify the areas that your business can benefit from our services. We propose the best solutions to meet your business needs according to your business available resources.

Whether you wish for a new innovated custom application or to upgrade an existing one, we will visit your premises and meet up with the right people. Our analists and consultants, will right away, comprehend exactly what you need. We will also speak and meet the people who already work on the existing application to analyze problems, generate ideas that will contribute to the final brainstorming.

Once we have enough data, we will design a interface prototype for both of us to work on and expand the project one step further. During this stage, our company will make sure , that the best possible user friendly interface will be implemented. Making the application intuitive and easy-to-use.

At this stage, we will take the interface one step further.

We will implement the best code needed to manipulate data input inserted by the interface. In addition, during this stage, the database, the data validation, security and encryption will be implement.

We are very close to the final product.

We will test the application in-house, to see if we missed something and guarantee that the application is at its final form. Your people, will get to see how the final application will look and feel having all the new innovative capabilities to improve their workflow as well as your business.

We are very close to launch the application.

Here, our company, will secure the application using latest cryptographic tenchnologies. Apart from a simple but sophisticated username/password login screen,we will make sure all the data are encrypted as well as the communication between client and server.

We are ready to launch the application.

We wlll make a smooth transition from the legacy application if nessecary as well as train new or existing people how to get most out of the application. Our team , is confident and ensuring a smooth integration.